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Q: What is a public adjuster?
A public adjuster is licensed by the Department of Insurance and bonded by the State to work exclusively for property owners.
Q: Why should you hire a public adjuster?
A: A public adjuster represents you the property owner while the insurance company adjuster represents the insurance company. The insurance company wants to maximize their profits and minimize the amount of money paid to the property owner when their is a loss.
A public adjuster will work hard for you to get you the maximum amount of money you are entitled to for your loss.
Q: Why should I use Dai Meeks as my Public Adjuster?
A: Dai Meeks can provide personalized services. You will not be just a name. Dai Meeks has the experience to assess your damages, review, and analyze your claim.  She also offers a FREE in home consultation to review your policy and inspect your damages.
Q: What is the fee for a Public Adjuster?
A: The fee for a public adjuster is a percentage of the settlement. This fee is only paid if the public adjuster is able to reach a settlement with your insurance company.  The fee is due in full and collected once payment is received from your insurance company.
Q: Can I handle my own claim?
A: Yes, you can try, however most people aren't equipped with the software, tools, or expertise required to handle and properly present their own claim.
Q: Should I call my insurance company first?
A: Many people make the critical error of calling their insurance company first. This can make the public adjusting process more difficult. In addition, if you are not covered the insurance company may still count that as a claim even though your claim is denied.
Q: Why should I have my property policy reviewed prior to a loss?
A: Most people don't know or understand the type of property insurance they have.  Often times people are either under covered or not covered.  Don't wait until you have a substantial loss to find out that you are not properly or under covered.  Dai Meeks offers a free policy review.  Call now to schedule an appointment.
Q: What types of property do you handle?
A: Residence, Commercial, Marine, and Farms.
Mission: To empower and educate property owners.